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Email Marketing is Here to Stay Millenials

Why Email Marketing is Here to Stay, No Matter What the Millenials Think The rapid rise of social media and[…]

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Customer Experience Marketing Matters

The Customer Experience: It’s About Balance Whether you’re interacting with your customer face-to-face, or your customer perusing your products in[…]

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The Rules of Customer Attraction

  Your 10-Step Customer Attraction Plan Customers are the bread and butter of any business. These 10 easy steps will[…]

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What I Learned About Marketing From My Wife’s Hair Stylist

You might ask why a business to business industrial marketing blog is talking about hair. Why is this relevant? Good[…]

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Web Marketing: Are You Watching Your Website Or Letting it Rust?

Drivers love their cars. Whether they’re weekend garage dwellers who can’t wait to get their hands on a wrench or[…]

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When Was The Last Time You Had a Great Customer Experience?

As business owners, I don’t think we spend enough time putting ourselves in the shoes of our prospective customers. We[…]

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