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Customer Attraction marketing, strategy and branding consultants serving USA and Canada.
Marketing Plans

At Customer Attraction we have had the opportunity to work with robot OEMs, automation integrators and machine builders to help them understand where they are in the market and what they need to do, add or build to get them where they want to go.

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Content Marketing

We have a competitive edge over traditional marketing and communication companies. Since we come from the robotics and automation industry, we know the difference between a cobot and an industrial robot, a servo motor and a stepper motor.

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Outsourced Blogging

We help you become engaged with prospects and customers by consistently creating quality content for your brand, for your website, for newsletters or for LinkedIn.

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Voice of Customer

There are a lot of reasons to consider feedback from your customers and non-customers and even employees. It is a difficult task to do yourself and often the customer won’t tell you directly what they are thinking or their true intent gets lost in translation.

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Press Releases

Press releases are an important and sometimes forgotten part of industrial B2B marketing. It’s critical to create compelling and newsworthy copy that attracts the attention of editors and content professionals.

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Webinars are great for business-to-business marketing: branding, new product launches, lead generation and thought leadership. At Customer Attraction we have hosted over 150 webinars to over 40,000 attendees.

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For the robotics and automation industry, trade events are a big spend and a big effort. We have been on both sides of trade events: exhibitor and attendee. If your trade show program is not getting the results you need or if you are just starting out, we can help.

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You may need research completed quickly and your own internal staff are busy, overwhelmed or maybe it just isn’t a good fit. We are unique in the industry in that we can take on custom projects, talk to your customers or your competitors and get you primary research that you can trust.

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At Customer Attraction we are marketing consultants and marketing strategists that focus on high value, high return on investment marketing.

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