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You may need research completed quickly as your own internal staff are too busy and can’t make a priority of conducting unbiased research. We are unique in the industry in that we can take on custom research projects, talk to your customers or your competitors and get you the primary research that you can trust.

Why Custom Research?

Often you see “for sale” industry research that is compiled from other industry reports and these reports are so watered-down that they have little to no value for your specific industry use.

Our competitive advantage is that we come from the robotics and automation industry and have a trusted, broad network. Our hundreds of conversations with industry professionals from our podcast, webinars and other research projects, delivers information that would be very difficult to obtain from any other source.

Our experience comes from past research projects such as:

  • Go to market plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Competition analysis
  • Pricing reviews: clients and competitors
  • Merger and acquisition research: interest and readiness
  • Voice of Customer
  • Interviews and surveys
  • Robot accessories and EOAT
  • Technical reviews: client and competitor
  • Industrial focus groups
  • Board presentations

If you have a research project and you need to have a conversation about requirements, timelines, deliverables and expectations consider reaching out to us for a virtual coffee.

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