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Experience in tech

Because we come from industry and know the difference between a robot and a cobot, you’re not educating an advertising agency on technology and terminology. My work in applications engineering, the hundreds of factory visits, sales and marketing tenure and experience helping build the largest automation integrators in the world gives my clients the background and understanding that’s hard to find in a typical marketing agency.

We are project-based

Engagements last as long as you want them to. We enjoy long-term relationships with many of our clients, (the longest is 12 + years and counting) but we also have clients that need just a quick fix or a course correction in their marketing. We have great relationships with many of our clients and some we have only ever met online and over phone and Zoom calls.

We are creative

With a dossier of more than a thousand marketing projects, we have seen lots of successes and even a few failures. You can share our experiences to optimize your marketing plans, tactics and strategies.

We side step marketing mistakes

Yes, we have seen mistakes; some big, some small. We’ve taken gambles in marketing, and these for the most part, have paid off. These mistakes were made early on and we have learned from them. I will keep you and your C-Suite from spending on shiny objects and random acts of marketing: things that don’t make business or marketing sense.

We are flexible

We don’t carry a huge office, big overheads and expensive staff. We partner with experts when we have to such as in animation, editing, photography, video or web development.

We believe in high ROI marketing

There is a very good chance that we have experience in the project you’re considering. Maybe you need to mix your marketing approach up a bit and try something different. We believe that the best marketing strategies drive measurable, impactful results.

Our client mix makes us better

Because of our unique mix of clients and partners, we can bring you industry-leading ideas and trends faster than the big guys. For example, we have created over 120 webinars for an industry association that creates engagement and interest in the association, as well as a revenue stream for sponsorship. Our webinar content has been viewed over 40,000 times.

We love plans and projects

Go-To-Market plans, market sizing, marketing plans, communication plans, media plans, thought leadership, competitor analysis, Voice of Customer, we have experience with all of it. Plans are great, but plans need to be executed to be effective. We can help create them and/ or execute them and measure them. If we are not the right company we can join forces with your agency, your marketing staff or direct you to another marketing agency. We believe in the good karma of helping our customers and prospects who may never be a customer. It’s just good business.

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At Customer Attraction we are marketing consultants and marketing strategists that focus on high value, high return on investment marketing.

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"Jim was an important part of our lead generation strategy planning at Universal Robots, creating and executing thought leadership webinar and white paper content which drove awareness, attention and ultimately collaborative robot sales."

Kim Van KirkUniversal Robots

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