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Webinar Planning

Webinars are a perfect value exchange for the robotics, capital equipment and automation industry. The webinar provides valued content to attendees from industry experts in exchange for their email address and contact information. For the advertiser or sponsor it is the proverbial “putting your hand up” in a crowd to find new prospects. Webinars hold the formula for success because the buyer is researching your product or service and are matched with the perfect opportunity to learn about your offering and make contact with the right person at the right time.

The big advantage to webinar marketing is speed. In a few weeks, with proper pre-marketing, planning and pre-promotion you could attract hundreds of leads to customers and suppliers.

When should you consider a webinar?

  • You need new, fresh prospects
  • Your company is entering into a new market
  • To show innovation in the industry
  • Demonstrate a new technology
  • Create company awareness
  • Show a new capability or partnership
  • To boost year-end or quarterly sales

At Customer Attraction we have created over 150 webinars and presented to over 40,000 people in the automation industry. We have gained a lot of experience and we can help.

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