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Voice of Customer
Voice of the Customer

Most of our customers come to me looking for solutions to their challenges, wanting to address pain points or wanting to find ways to grow. The approach I take with a voice of customer project, also known as “customer discovery”, can uncover valuable information to inform your marketing strategy and plan.

Voice of the customer applies a systematic process to gaining an understanding of your customers’ expectations and preferences and also importantly, their unique needs. You’ll also find out the things your customers don’t like or what turns them off. When these findings are aggregated it is a reflection of what customers think about your company, your brand, you services and your products.

Some the reasons you might want  to undertake a voice of customer project could be:

  • You want to validate your position in your market.
  • You want to reduce churn in your business.
  • You may uncover new market opportunities.
  • You want to understand what you may be missing to create the best customer experience.

We have lots of experience interviewing professionals in manufacturing and do it everyday. If customer listening, customer experience and voice of customer is important to you, please contact us for a conversation about your goals and objectives.

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