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Canadian Food Innovation Network CFIN
Robots in Action: Seeing is Believing | Jim Beretta and Nipun Sharma CEO, SJW Robotics


Showcase CFIN’s value proposition through an engaging and high bar presentation to educate and entertain their members on what is happening with food, automation and personnel at the trade event.


A relatively new Canadian organization with the promise to bring innovation to the Canadian food manufacturing community.


We contacted our network of robotics and automation experts around the food industry. to obtain company names that had innovative approaches, creative products and were setting new trends. We invited them to participate and obtained permission for site visits and also hosted them in a documentary on robotics and innovation in food.

In this one hour presentation we helped tell some of the stories:


Anubis 3D is a leading Additive Manufacturer and 3D printing service provider for rapid End of Arm Tooling EOAT and On-Demand industrial components.

Armo Tool is an automation machine builder and robot integrator that creates custom solutions for many industries including food and beverage, packaging and Cannabis. They create automated systems using machine vision, robots and conveyors.

SJW Robotics and their proprietary automated wok system that cooks made-to-order meals with the skills of an accomplished chef, in airports, hotels, lobbies and retail

Gastronomous Offers a network of interconnected smart appliances to create the world’s first fully automated, robot-powered, smart and AI powered kitchen.

JMP Solutions is an London, ON based robot integrator with a specialty in process industries and food automation.

Mycionics This Putnam base company boasts a world leading robotic harvesting system that continually picks, packs, and weighs mushrooms that meet fresh market quality and exact size requirements.

Tiny MIle Toronto based Robot Delivery company that is operated by human drivers. They brought “Jeffrey” to the Immersion Room studio. You will recognize this robot as the local, PINK coloured delivery robot.

Western University We visited campus to view their innovative approach to feeding staff, students and the community using automation from automated pizza company PizzaForno and Sally the Salad Robot from Chowbotics a DoorDash Company.

Ghost Kitchen Brands who helped feed us at their London, ON branch, and helped us tell their amazing story.

Sushi 168 restaurant which uses robot servers to streamline operations, entertain and increase engagement for their guests

On Robots in Action: Seeing is Believing

Customer Attraction was contracted for research, emcee and co-produce and on behalf of CFIN, we also wish to thank FCC, as the key sponsor, The Immersion Room, Tivoli Films, the director Jamie Hodgins, and EVNT Management for their hard work.