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Universal Robots is the industry leader in the manufacture of safe, collaborative robots for the past 10 years. UR has over 60,000 robots installed around the world in many industries. UR Cobots are cost-effective, easy to use, safe & flexible to deploy for any industry and company size.


Universal Robots wanted to spread the message to Canadian manufacturers about their unique value proposition, applications and use cases, and increase awareness and ultimately sales of cobots. They required a CASL-approved (Canada Anti-Spam Legislation) media partner and a local industry expert to help tell the stories of where their robotics, software and accessory partners are being used and why.


Often in the manufacturing community there is a misconception that companies shouldn’t promote successes and changes made to reduce costs, reduce reliance on labor and to increase quality. Canadian manufacturers are not immune to this mindset.


In 2021 in partnership with Universal Robots Customer Attraction created the “Cobots in Canada” campaign. In this series we were able to engage Universal Robot distributors and integrators to tell their stories of how companies across Canada were successfully integrating robots and automation into their workflows. They told their stories about how to become more competitive by using cobots to assist their workers in their jobs, remove repetitive stress, reduce automation costs, grow their business and speed their time to market. We have highlighted the following end users in their automation journey:

Carriere Industrial Supply:

Islander Reels:

Keter Canada:

Cobot Safety:


Paradigm Electronics:

Synaptive Medical:

Special thanks to the UR Community including Advanced Motion, Shelley Automation, Skeans, Cadence and RAE.