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Marketing Plans


Various Clients


When clients approach us with their challenges and pains, we don’t take a boilerplate approach. We will talk to their stakeholders: salespeople, marketing and the senior management to understand objectives. We interview customers, look at competitors, suppliers and partners, to focus on the best approach for your business.


Automation companies that are looking to make a change in their chosen market, experiencing a change in management, or perhaps have been recently acquired, will have business needs that will drive a review in sales and marketing practices.

To achieve their goals they often need to jumpstart marketing with a renewed focus to achieve or grow sales and revenues.


Customer Attraction has researched and created many strategies and plans for various  customers including:

  • Corporate Marketing Plans
  • Content Marketing Plans
  • Go-to-Market Plans
  • Brand Vision Plans
  • Voice of Customer Research
  • Marketing Discovery and Awareness
  • Search Engine Optimization