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Major Packaging Equipment Manufacturer


In this project, we were contacted by a packaging automation company looking to expand their capabilities in Ontario. They were searching for a smaller machine builder and robot integration / automation company with design, build and install capabilities. They did not need a strong sales force as they had that capability in-house.


It can take years to build a talented team and when you have to react quickly to client and market opportunities or need to focus growth in a specific industry, sometimes you just can’t do it alone. Mergers and acquisitions in the automation industry make a lot of sense to build capacity, increase talent, revenues and brand.

Customer Attraction Industrial Marketing is well-suited for this kind of research because of our customer base, our network and our background in the industry.


As part of the project, we contacted our network of machine builders and suppliers in the automation industry associations, salespeople in the region and key suppliers through calls, emails and LinkedIn. Targets were owners who were looking or interested in potential acquisition talks. At the conclusion of the project we were able to recommend double the companies that we set as a goal for success in the project.

If you are looking to acquire an automation, robotics integrator or machine builder company to start an acquisition conversation, do not hesitate to contact us.