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Tips for Getting Started With Search Engine Optimization

Tips for Getting Started with SEO I recently sent out a newsletter that touched on the topic of search strategy and methodology, and how search engines determine results for searches. It might be a bit mind-boggling to try to understand how this could apply to your business. But[…]

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Marketing to Engineers: 8 Things You Need To Know

Marketing and Communicating to Engineers: The 8 Things You Need To Know I worked for a very long time in the advanced manufacturing and automation industries which means I have worked with a lot of engineers. It also means that I created a lot of marketing materials over[…]

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How To Pick The Perfect Tradeshow Booth Location

Do You Wonder How to Pick the Best Trade Show Booth Spot? Location, location, location is one of the fundamental tenets of trade show exhibiting. When hunting for your new home or opening your business, location is usually your first consideration. The same holds true in tradeshow real[…]

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How to attract more customers to your store in 8 Simple Steps

I have been compelled to write this blog for a long time now. For years I worked in retail stores, at one point was a store owner, and like everyone, I am a frequent customer in retail stores. I am a first hand witness to the importance of[…]

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Customer Attraction and The Marketing Power of Word of Mouth

You’ve probably heard stories from business owners about how they sunk countless thousands of dollars, hours of manpower and a huge emotional investment into an innovative, creative and never-been-done marketing campaign – and in the end, it didn’t deliver any measureable results. You may have even been a[…]

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